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I encourage you to start living YOUR dream life today.

It is easy to get caught up in what other people want for us, or to continue playing out that same role we gew up with in our own family, school, or environment, instead of being who we really want to be.  Sometimes, we want to have a certain title, accomplishment or thing, and when we get it, we wonder...is this "it"? What really fulfills us?

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10 steps that you can start taking today to feel your best, be you and live your dream life, regardless of what is going on around you.

Let's get started right now - don't postpone feeling great another second.

Go on - you deserve it! Let yourself shine!


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"This wonderful book will motivate and inspire you to live a wonderful life - and leave all the stress behind!"

Brian Tracy                             Author, Million Dollar Habits

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Katrina's Endorements

"This noble-hearted, talented teacher and coach has mastered the inner game— of life. If you wish to awaken and be all that you can (and are), then this inspiring and courageous book, by a top peak performer, is for you."

-Lama Surya Das, Bestselling Author, Awakening the Buddha Within

About "Be your best"...

Katrina Radke appeared to be on top of the world. At 14, she was the youngest member of the U.S. National Swim Team, and...

The Intro...

I knew I had to write this book, but that it would require the best of me to do so. As I examined my life, I didn’t want to...

Look what people are saying...

“This wonderful book will motivate and inspire you to live a wonderful life – and leave all the stress behind!” -Brian...
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