Katrina is passionate about empowering people to be at their best, whether in sports, career, relationships or in life.

Her swimming accomplishments include:

    • Olympic swimmer
    • 4 gold medals in major international competition
    • Numerous medals in all international meets
    • 7 years on USA National Team
    • Co-Captain of US Swim Team
    • Records at the American, US Open, Italian Open and Australian Open

Corporations including AT&T, 24 Hour Fitness, and PeopleSoft have hired Katrina as a keynote speaker as well as various clubs and nonprofits.

Katrina attended Germantown Academy, holds a B.A from UC Berkeley, and received her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southern Connecticut State University, with a portion of her internship conducted through Yale School of Medicine. 

The inspirational story of Katrina's life began with a 12 year battle recovering from Mononucleosis followed by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. She was left bedridden, with disabled parking, and unable to do any physical activity for several years. The 'come-back kid' fought her way back to compete in the 2004 Olympic Trials. Her race times placed her in world rankings once again. In addition, Katrina competed in Masters meets, snapping three old standing world records.

Teaching college psychology courses online at Foothill College is one way Katrina "pays it forward". Together, she and her husband Ross Gerry, Olympic Coach, operate a peak potential business. Check how they can help you achieve your dreams

Katrina can help you:

    • Feel better starting right now
    • Improve your health, on all levels
    • Find motivation
    • Shed old unwanted armor
    • Feel lighter and more free
    • Define what makes you happy
    • Be content
    • Create Your Dream Life