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PART ONE: Create Your Dream Life: Chapter 1-4 – p.3

Chapter One:

My Dream: Making The Olympic Team – p.4

Chapter Two:

Dream Big: Embrace Your Inner Olympian – p.18

Chapter Three:

Living My Dream: Enjoying Adventures and Testing My Limits – p.39

Chapter Four:

Live Your Dream: Commit to Your Plan – p.51

PART TWO: Managing Obstacles: Chapter 5-7 – p. 69

Chapter Five:

Overtrained: Afraid to Stop and Be A Nobody – p.70

Chapter Six:

Stress and Distractions: Ways We Get Off Track – p.89

Chapter Seven:

Bedridden: Existing in the Unknown – p.108

PART THREE: Taking Care of Yourself: Chapter 8-12 – p. 125

Chapter Eight:

You Are Okay: Accept Your Life and Feel Good No Matter What – p.126

Chapter Nine:

Meditation: Listen And Be Aware – p.146

Chapter Ten:

Your Road to Health: Taking Care of Your Physical Body – p.164

Chapter Eleven:

Shedding Armor: Drop the Baggage and Take Care of Yourself Emotionally – p.184

Chapter Twelve:

Healthy Relationships: Bringing Out Your Best Within Yourself and In Your Relationships – p.204

PART FOUR: Maximizing Your Potential and Feeling Content: Chapter 13-17p.225

Chapter Thirteen:

Distractions and Refocusing: Getting Back on Track – p.226

Chapter Fourteen:

Maximize Your Potential: Mental Training Techniques to Transcend Limitations – p.242

Chapter Fifteen:

Going Beyond: Discovering Your True Self – p.264

Chapter Sixteen:

It’s Not About The Medal: Finding Peace Within – p.277

Chapter Seventeen:

A New Way To Live: Being Your Best Without The Stress – p.291

Simple Random Quotes

"I am not what happened to me; I am what I choose to become." ~Carl Jung

Katrina's Endorements

“When you continually focus on being your best no matter what the event, you surprise yourself with what is possible. Katrina’s enlightening stories and simple tools help you to discover new depths within yourself."

-Peggy Fleming, Olympic Figure Skating Champion and Cancer Survivor


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