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PART ONE: Create Your Dream Life: Chapter 1-4 – p.3

Chapter One:

My Dream: Making The Olympic Team – p.4

Chapter Two:

Dream Big: Embrace Your Inner Olympian – p.18

Chapter Three:

Living My Dream: Enjoying Adventures and Testing My Limits – p.39

Chapter Four:

Live Your Dream: Commit to Your Plan – p.51

PART TWO: Managing Obstacles: Chapter 5-7 – p. 69

Chapter Five:

Overtrained: Afraid to Stop and Be A Nobody – p.70

Chapter Six:

Stress and Distractions: Ways We Get Off Track – p.89

Chapter Seven:

Bedridden: Existing in the Unknown – p.108

PART THREE: Taking Care of Yourself: Chapter 8-12 – p. 125

Chapter Eight:

You Are Okay: Accept Your Life and Feel Good No Matter What – p.126

Chapter Nine:

Meditation: Listen And Be Aware – p.146

Chapter Ten:

Your Road to Health: Taking Care of Your Physical Body – p.164

Chapter Eleven:

Shedding Armor: Drop the Baggage and Take Care of Yourself Emotionally – p.184

Chapter Twelve:

Healthy Relationships: Bringing Out Your Best Within Yourself and In Your Relationships – p.204

PART FOUR: Maximizing Your Potential and Feeling Content: Chapter 13-17p.225

Chapter Thirteen:

Distractions and Refocusing: Getting Back on Track – p.226

Chapter Fourteen:

Maximize Your Potential: Mental Training Techniques to Transcend Limitations – p.242

Chapter Fifteen:

Going Beyond: Discovering Your True Self – p.264

Chapter Sixteen:

It’s Not About The Medal: Finding Peace Within – p.277

Chapter Seventeen:

A New Way To Live: Being Your Best Without The Stress – p.291

Simple Random Quotes

"Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love." ~Rumi

Katrina's Endorements

“This wonderful book will motivate and inspire you to live a wonderful life – and leave all the stress behind!”

-Brian Tracy, Author, Million Dollar Habits


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